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I'm agreeing that it doesn't have the same value as a CRG Pro.

It is, however, a Pro-Spec Loaded, which isn't a Loaded anymore besides the N-frame and no 'Custom' or 'Professional' markings. I don't have a price list in front of me, but wasn't the Pro Package for a customer supplied gun around $2,000?

When I bought my Loaded, I looked over the different packages. If I was going to do a Pro, I'd get a real one. I was toying with upgrading my Loaded to TRP, which is something like $750 through SACS. My initial investment of a Loaded, $825, plus $750 for TRP package, would equal $1,575 plus shipping. I haven't looked at TRP prices lately, but I'm sure I could find a used one under $1,500.

I would think the value of this Loaded turned Pro would be a little above a NIB TRP. Maybe close to Custom Carry pricing?

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