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The difference is that it isn't an actual pro. It wasn't built from the ground up as a pro, it was modified to be like a pro. I am sure it is just as nice quality and reliability wise, but from a cash value point of view it is different.
Like I said.... be specific. How is the checkering different? Barrel fit? How are the "match components" that are swapped, fit any different? I can go on.....

That is like saying if you buy a regular stock Camaro Z28 and the take it to a Chevy dealer and have them put on a SS air box, hood, and badges, it is now an SS and not a Z28.
That is incorrect. This is like taking a V6 camaro TO THE FACTORY and swapping out the drivetrain, suspension, etc to equal a Z28 or SS...... and then someone saying it's different because an SS/Z28 comes with a factory sticker.
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