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Originally Posted by MD357 View Post
What's the difference? Be specific. Not talking about frame codes either.
Originally Posted by silversport View Post
You do understand the OP is talking about a professional package built by SACS, right???

A Professional Package built on a Springfield Armory donor is still a custom pistol...if you are talking price for one used,'s not a's a Professional Package Springfield Armory 1911 pattern pistol..again...I'll take a Springfield Armory Custom built 1911 pattern pistol over any off the shelf think arguments...more for me

I never once said that it wasn't better than a bone stock TRP. The only thing I ever said about the TRP was when some was saying that we were telling him a price lower than what a TRP costs.

The difference is that it isn't an actual pro. It wasn't built from the ground up as a pro, it was modified to be like a pro. I am sure it is just as nice quality and reliability wise, but from a cash value point of view it is different.

That is like saying if you buy a regular stock Camaro Z28 and the take it to a Chevy dealer and have them put on a SS air box, hood, and badges, it is now an SS and not a Z28.
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