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Originally Posted by fredj338 View Post
Just recoil. I find the add'l. recol isn't worth the slight vel gain. The 45acp doesn't need +p help like the 9mm or 38sp. So while +P won't hurt your gun, it may hurt your shooting. The only way to tell is shoot them both under a timed event. Standing firing slow fire, I could be effective w/ a 45Cas.
I get that. And, yes.. the additional recoil would become annoying in extended shooting.

My rationale was that the +P is for SD. I won't care much about (or notice) recoil in that situation. And the added performance (while perhaps negligible) may be a slight edge. Also, the +P was priced the same as the regular stuff.

For range practice / fun, I will stick with regular pressure FMJ.

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