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Originally Posted by Wvladimire View Post
No, it's pretty pathetic that fanatics have no common sense. Cannot look at this test cynically and see that some parts are clearly nonsense and unbelievable. I sourced public documents and videos that can bee seen by anyone, and even one of the public documents is not mainly about glock, but lists the failures of glock pistols during testing against S&W and Sig. Yet the fanatics cannot be reasoned with and won't believe the evidence right before their eyes.

Glock is not the be all end all of pistol designs. It has it's shortcomings and weaknesses just like others. It has a major marketing campaign that says they are the best, when they are not. The main selling feature of the Glock to police departments was, that it was cheaper than the Sig and better, because it did not have the weakness of the mainspring or hammer spring being covered by a screwed on polymer grip. If that grip chipped or cracked, departments were told, even though the pistol could be fired, albeit a little difficult to not pinch your hand when doing so. It was marketed that the Glock with it's solid polymer grip frame was better. After years of use in my state, the departments are switching back to Sigs and Smith & Wesson, because of too many so called, "user error misfires."

The facts are there, ignore them if you wish, but there are better pistols out there. I was a huge Glock fan at one time, but when I actually detailed stripped the pistol, and saw how cheaply it was made on the inside, my rose colored glasses were lifted. I have named the cheaply made parts earlier that melt. How do I know this, from experience. Why do I question the test, and take some things about it with a grain of salt, because I was not there, and know that all surveys and tests are curved to support the facts. The biggest red flag for me, was the drop test from the airplane. The pistol was buried up to the grip in mud. And the tester simply pulled the gun out, made sure the chamber was clear, and fired it. Now gravity is gravity, and mud is mud, it was not dry dirt, and you want me to believe that the bore was not filled with debris??? No way, I don't believe it, and will not believe it, because that goes completely against reality and real life experience. Those who do not question that, are just plain zombies. Continue to drink your government Kool-Aid, be good little zombies, and do not question authority.

***Or better yet, try the test yourself, from a step ladder, and drop your unloaded pistol in the mud. Do it 10 times, a 100 times, a 1,000 times or less, and tell me that you got no debris in the bore with any of the drops.*** Simple as that, do the test before you attack, demean, and ridicule me. If not, then you show that you do not think on your own, and are a good little zombie.
What I find pathetic is you, on the other hand after all of this, I still went ahead and bought me a G23.
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