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I just recently traded for a KLCR-357 and I love that gun. I quit carrying my G26, and just carry the Ruger now. I carry 2 speedloaders in a HKS medium holder.
I don't feel a bit under-gunned with the 357. I don't see any difference carrying it from the Glock. I would double-tap with 9mm, even with the JHP's that I was carrying. I wouldn't think that 2 shots would be necessary with my Federal 125gr JHP's in 357. They are the best one-shot stoppers for handguns, according to actual shootings data.

The Ruger also conceals better and easier than the G26.
I guess that I need to figure out how to conceal carry my 32 pound 50BMG, so some people here think I have enough fire
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