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Well I will give it a shot,

First I like my 45ACP's to be a 230 grain bullet.

I don't see the need for +P in 45 (9mm OK but 45 will never be a speed demon) it shoots OK from the Glock 21 but is very robust from the 30 and 36.

Federal HST would be a top choice for me.

Ranger T or SXT would be another high choice.

I would make it my goal to get some of the LEO only ammo in either HSt or Ranger.

My friend who is a big 1911 guy shoots Remington golden saber the best and swears by them.

And Gold Dot is tried and true.

Never been a fan of frangible ammo expecially in a big slow moving slug of lead like a 45. You would want it to stay together a be a big slab of lead.
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