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Pelicans are some of the best cases on the market. Other options for around the same money, are Starlight, and Hardigg Storm.

I personally like the Starlight cases. They are almost freakin bullet proof, and besides Ted Nugent use one.(Probably more than one.)

I worked at a rifle shop for almost a year, and we stocked Starlight cases. The customer support was awesome.

Quick story, we had a case shipped to the shop that FedEx DROPPED OUT OF AN AIRPLANE!!!! Some of the hinges sheared off, case was beat all to hell, the latches were broken. Just in general messed up. The gun was damaged but mostly cosmetics.

Starlight was so concerned that they wanted detailed pictures of how the case failed. Top notch customer service. Best in the business, period. Had it been any other case, I am sure that the gun would have been completely destroyed. Like I said, great folks.
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