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Originally Posted by Sparkster View Post
I have a laser on order and was wondering what to hold the pressure switch on with. I tried asking around on another forum but got nothing helpful. This seems so obvious I feel like I should've thought of it myself.

My rifle:
Cop Talk
Chinese SKS
Tapco 20rd mag
Barrel attached quad rail
Folding stock

She ain't much but our office can't buy everyone a patrol rifle so we're allowed carry a wide range of guns as long as we can qualify. I got this well-used at a gun show, put in a new spring-loaded firing pin and added the small quad rail and bipod. The laser I'm waiting for is 100mw green, daytime visible. I could probly just shine it in a perp's eyes and not have to shoot him.
For anyone thinking it, the bipod isn't overkill- I've already been to one standoff where a bipod would've been super fantastic. I laid in the guy's back yard for a couple hours covering a rear window during negotiations.
Freaking epic. Is the Mosin your BUG?
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