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Originally Posted by Bill Lumberg View Post
It baffles me that, with the veritable plethora of good holsters available these days, novices still become fascinated with clips and trigger shoes.
Quoted for truth and wisdom.

Washington state has had legal open carry forever, and shall issue since around 1960 or 1961, and my dad said obtaining the concealed weapons permit, now called concealed pistol license, was the same process it is today, except no fingerprinting back then. Just fill out the form, and get the permit in a few days. Holster options were very limited, and there was only one gun store around, which is still open by the way, and you were limited to one size fits most holsters. And don't even think about gun belts that weren't duty belts.

So carrying a gun used to be a much bigger inconvenience/hassle than it is now. Most people with permits 30 40 50 years ago, including my dad, just kept their guns in the glove box, and put them on before going out into the woods.
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