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By and large, the two main groups of folks that carried weapons on their person back in the day were cops and criminals. Law enforcement didn't blink an eye at a driver with a rifle in the back window of their truck or a pistol in their glovebox. On their person was a different story. You have to realize, there wasn't any phallic "look at me" affect to having a handgun back then. Not that I saw, anyway. 1 out of every five trucks dropping kids off or picking kids up at school had a hunting rifle or shotgun in a back-window rack. Before permits became prevalent, the availability of quality holsters was very slim. Part of my pickiness regarding proper belt mounted holsters stems from 25+ years ago, and at times having to make do with one clip holsters, uncle mikes, etc., because nothing else was readily available. It baffles me that, with the veritable plethora of good holsters available these days, novices still become fascinated with clips and trigger shoes.
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I found a thread that I really enjoyed about handgun choices in the 1980's ( and it made me wonder: did many handgun owners carry them in public before states began to issue concealed carry permits? Many of us have had permits since we were 21. But those of you who were old enough to buy handguns before concealed carry was allowed, did you ever carry them? If so, when and where? And what would the legal ramifications have been where you lived? Please give those of us who weren't involved some detail of what the issue was like back then.
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