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Originally Posted by Henry's Dad View Post
I'm one who needed the info and read it, so many thanks for posting it.

Now for Part II: without asking you to list manufacturers (but please do so if you're inclined), is there a clearinghouse of info on which manufacturers fall into which category?

All the info is great, but the real utility would be in knowing which companies follow which practices.
You very welcome. If only 1 person benefits from the post then it was worth my time to type it.

As for part II, I intentionally did not get into manufacturers and their own choices in material, build, test and quality control standards because when you start naming names, people who own various rifles will inevitably become offended and attempt to justify their purchase. In reality we really do not need to justify anything. We just need to understand the facts and understand what we are purchasing and what our needs are and then just be happy with what we have and enjoy what we are doing.

I also avoided posting the links that were included by mvician because again people start comparing what they own to these statistics and often become offended and again need to attempt to validate their choices. Which again is not necessary and generally means that these types of threads become pissing matches even though the facts are what they are. Even though I didn't post the links, I am very much OK with mvician posting them and quite agree with those links as the most accurate reference materials. This also will pretty much answer your question in regards to a "checklist" in which we can compare manufacturers and their offerings in this platform. They are only a part of the puzzle when selecting a weapon but they are very key things to consider when purchasing this weapon, or getting a good evaluation of the product offered by each manufacturer.

For myself and this is only my personal preference I tend to like product (parts or complete weapons) from Colt, Noveske, Daniel Defense, LMT and Bravo Company. There are others that have good stuff but in general these are my go to manufacturers. I will also say for the BC haters, that I do not own a complete BC rifle, only parts from them.

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