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Originally Posted by Redfire SVT View Post
May be a noob question but why 10mm over other calibers to hunt with?
Because hot 10mm rounds have about twice the power (energy) of a decent 9mm round. Here are some ESTIMATES of power figures for hot loaded ammunition in the big three calibers vs. 10mm:

9mm: 400-450ft-lbs of energy at the muzzle
.40S&W: 425-500ft-lbs
.45ACP: 425-500ft-lbs
10mm: 700-800ft-lbs

I KNOW that there might be some 9mm, .40S&W, or .45ACP load out there that beats those numbers, but they are just general ranges that should encompass 99% of defensive "hot" loads.

Just yesterday I went and chronographed a bunch of 10mm rounds. This is out of my G29, so add another 75-100fps for a full-size G20 (or add about 150fps to get an idea of what that guy was using in the video). I fired a 165gr Gold Dot at 1426fps (745ft-lbs), and a 135gr Nosler JHP at 1626fps (792ft-lbs). The guy in that video was using a G20 with a 6" barrel. Those two loads I mentioned would be making 825ft-lbs and 866ft-lbs respectively out of a STOCK G20 w/ 4.6" barrel. I imagine they would be over 900ft-lbs out of a 6" barrel. That's nearly double the energy of a 9mm, .40S&W, or .45ACP. But, obviously, the .45ACP held it's own. The guy used one in the video.

Most 10mm hunters tend to use either hardcast lead bullets of about 200gr at 1250-1300fps, or 180-200gr Hornady XTPs at 1400 or 1300fps. Those are some serious pistol loads, especially for an auto. That kills .357Magnum, and approaches the lower end of .41Magnum.

OP, AWESOME video, BTW. I'm going to post a link in the 10 Ring. I hope you don't mind.

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