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That's the kind of data/info I'm looking for being that I really don't want to go the 10mm Magnum route (yet ). Even staying within the 1.260 OAL, it seems you can get a lot of low volume powder in the case like Hodgdon's Longshot and/or AA#7 if I remember correctly. I'll have to look at my data when I was experimenting with the 9x25 Dillon. Good idea to distinguish/separate cases by nickel plating. I'd be interested in looking at your data if you are willing to share and certainly understand using at my own risk. The "N-frame" of the S&W 610 seems to be overkill by Smith, but it sure is nice shooting and does seem to like the heavier/hotter loads....
AA#9 is where it's at though I have had a lot of good luck with Blue Dot. The old Norma loads are pretty easy to obtain but my cases start to stick in my 610-3 much over that. YMMV.
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