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Like everything the answer is that it depends. There is no hard and fast rule. When I go to the 60 acre off leash dog park the SP101 or M&P 340 CT come along. If I am running errands around town (the suburbs) sometimes only the P-3AT comes along. If I am going into downtown then the G26 with either the P-3AT or the M&P 340 are with me. If I really had to pick just one it would probably be none of the above. It would be a single stack 9mm like a Ruger LC9. I am smitten with my revolvers but my G26 has been gaining ground.

Anyone remember the movie "The Gambler" with Kenny Rogers. When confronted by four guys with knives Brady Hawkes (Rogers) pulls out his derringer. One of the bad guys remarks that Hawkes only has two bullets and there are four of them. Hawkes replies, "The question is... which two of you are willing to take the bullets? So the other two can do the cutting."

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