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As I recall the discussions around here, reloads were the source of most of the .40SW failures. Factory ammo . . . much less frequent.

As for LEO caliber switches, there can be many reasons. .45ACP has a tremendous loyal following. Some people regard John Browning's 1911 pistol as the best pistol design ever - and they have 100 years and two world wars (plus numerous other conflicts) to back up that claim.

Sometimes it is money. Glock was renown for offering low-ball introductory prices to law enforcement agencies to gain market share. To an extent - they still do.

.40SW's initial sell point was 45cal performance with 9mm high capacity. In light of the Miami shootout, 9mm was deemed marginal - an unfair assessment in my opinion.

On bear defense - remember that the pistol is at best a third line of defense. First being detection - being aware of the bear's presence, and second being evasion - run like hell. By the time you are pulling a pistol (because no rifle is around) - you are in deep do-do and are just hoping to survive.

That said, I once heard that forest firefighters would carry a 44mag snubby. The first round or two were buckshot rounds. You basically shoot for the face and try to destroy the bear's sight/smell in an attempt to escape. The last rounds were full metal jacket - for penetration. I cannot swear that this was absolutely true but it does reflect the brutality and desperation such a close quarters combat with a bear would be - with the emphasis still being one of human escape. Upon reflection, the buckshot rounds were probably good for close quarter pissed off poisonous snake encounters as well.
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