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Thanks, engineer151515. Wow, so there's at least a 10,000 psi difference between .40 and .45 G.A.P. What about reloads? Wouldn't reloads from a higher pressure round be a lot more unreliable?

Regarding the use of .40 in law enforcement -- why are some agencies switching to .45 ACP or .45 G.A.P. (if the .40 or even the 9 mm would fit the need)?

Secondly -- the more I read about bear defense, the more I'm learning that the choice of handgun caliber in a subcompact would make little difference overall. It seems as though experienced outdoorsmen do not consider any of the snub-nosed revolvers (which was another thing I was considering) or any subcompact handguns to be adequate against an enraged bear. (I imagine it must be like shooting a rabid pitbull with a .22. Doesn't really matter a great deal if it's a .22LR or .22 Short). Here's one writer's take:

So this probably means I'm back to square one.

G39 or G27?

Maybe I should make this a separate topic?

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