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My quick notes.

.40SW Glocks are reliable. Police forces use them in great numbers. If you are comfortable and happy with a .40SW Glock, I'm sure you will also be happy with the ammunition availability.

All semi-auto pistol designs are "unsupported" to some degree at the base of the cartridge where the round is fed into the chamber. There are some weapons that allow more "support" than others but feed reliability issues start to play as this dimension closed.

The .40SW and the .357SIG rounds fire a higher SAAMI max loading pressures (33,000 psi to 35,000 psi ) than the 45ACP (21,000 psi) and 45GAP (23,000 psi). Higher pressures might make a case for more failures but nothing at the rate that would make the .40SW unusually dangerous.

quick reference
section - Case failure reports
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