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Very interesting -- you guys are all recommending the 10mm. The G29 is a bit larger than the G39 (same size as the .45 ACP), so why not consider the G30 as well? Or do you guys just think that a .45 does not make a good overall backcountry gun? (Why not?)

We just had a case in California where a hiking couple encountered a Grizzly on a trail, 100 yards away. The Grizzly charged, the two hikers (husband and wife) ran. The Grizzly pursued the hikers and killed the male hiker. He then attacked his wife, tossed her around like a rag doll. When she played dead, the bear's fury had evaporated, and it left. It was later found that it was a female bear who had a cub in the brush. Just standing still (as is often recommended) would not have averted this attack.

On hunters' forums I read that there is no handgun caliber that would reliably stop a bear - not even a .50 BMG. So, all we could presumably hope for in a defensive round is to distract the bear long enough to make a getaway.

There are reports of bears getting shot multiple times with a .40S&W, and their ability to run and fight was hardly impacted. (They may eventually die from internal injuries, of course).

So I'm wondering if the differences between a 10mm, a .45 ACP or a .45 GAP are really big enough to make a difference in this respect? And let's not forget the possibility of a human attack in/near a campsite. (The doped up gangbangers out there are perfectly aware that it would take law enforcement at least half an hour or hours to reach California wilderness locations).

If a 10mm would offer only a marginal improvement -- wouldn't I be better off making my choice mainly based on what can be carried and deployed more easily and shot more accurately (from my hands)?

Regarding the .40S&W: That's what I was initially settled on, but then I'd read that these rounds tend to have more malfunctions and problems in the Glock, due to their design. (I can't remember the specifics, but it had something to do with unsupported brass parts). Also, the .40 G27 seems to have as much recoil as the .45 G.A.P. G39 (Is this true?)

I have only shot the .40 G27 and felt comfortable with it.

Can someone educate me more on the differences between the .40S&W, the 10mm and the .45 G.A.P. in subcompact Glocks? Has anyone here shot all three?

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