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150gr Nosler, Win brass &Primer, ?gr Bluedot

I want to load some hot 10mm loads using new win brass, WLP primers, 150gr Nosler bullets, and Bluedot. I am looking for the hottest loads that others have worked up. I will start a tad lower but I need to know a place to start that is not ridiculously low. The problem is that I cannot find any good info for this powder using that bullet. The manuals seem to only list very weak loads for 10mm. I have a a max load for 40sw 150gr nosler using 11.5gr BD. So I assume that i should be able to safely start at least 12gr in 10mm.

How much Bluedot can I use? I am not looking to load some crazy 110% loads for max fps. I just want some 90th percentile loads that are definitely full power but should be safe in all high quality firearms. Something only for new brass. What is the max gr BD for a 150gr Nosler?

Is there another powder that will give me better performance/higher fps with this bullet? i live near a cabela's and would not mind having to buy another powder.

I have an EAA Witness Elite match. Match barrel with full chamber support, tight chamber, poly rifling.
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