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Originally Posted by gary newport View Post
"Glock's shoddy design" for .45 ACP? "...the 45 ACP being a low pressure round..." is what the .45 ACP Glocks were designed to shoot. "The Glock 21 is the only gun that I've ever seen a bulged 45 ACP case from." After 20,000 rounds, give or take a few thousand, I've never seen a "bulged" case emerge from my .45 Glocks--ACP or GAP!
I didn't refer to any of your 20,000 rounds, give or take. The Glock 21 is still the only .45 ACP pistol that I have seen a bulged .45 ACP case from. It was a Remington 230gr FMJ. The bulge was so bad, it wouldn't go into a re-sizing die.

Ammo from that same box was fired in a Colt 1911A1 and the case was still shaped the same as before it was fired.
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