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Originally Posted by carguy2244 View Post
You don't have the knowledge to evaluate this statement, so why comment and make yourself look foolish?
Well I'm speaking from real world experience. I own a G20 and have owned a DE previously and have probably put at least 20K of various factory and reloaded ammo through these platforms. Which one of these do you own? or are we just dishing out cliche glock koolaid?

DEs are more accurate and just as reliable.... granted you spring everything right and use good mags.

Now to comment on your superior weapon, why do all the G20 guys pick up aftermarket barrels for the hot stuff and reloads.

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Now I like my G20 just fine, and I think the little G29fs are great little guns too. However, the DE has better barrel support (have seen problems with this first hand), is more accurate, better trigger and can conceal MUCH better. Sure they have their pros and cons but shots on target are what counts to me. YMMV.

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