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I went back to the range yesterday with my Dan Wesson Razorback Limited 10mm some of the following loads:

8.3 Grains of Hodgdon Longshot
CCI-300 LP Primers
Starline Brass
155 Grain Montana Gold JHP
OAL: 1.245
Taper Crimp .422

Loads were running 1150-1200fps (Chrono'ed). Experienced some failure to feed issues on first round into the tube - nose dive into the hood of the chamber.

I have read in several places that 1911 style pistols prefer a longer OAL.

So I'm going back to the press to crank out some 1.255's and see what happens with this FTF issue.

I think I will experiment with the taper crimp as Meathead suggested earlier in this thread.

I'll also take my G20 with it's KKM Precision 6" Barrel and see how it feeds and shoots as well. I'm looking for a median 1200fps with a 155 grain bullet (186 PF). My above loads shot softly and accurately. A real pleasure to shoot. (The 180's and heavier bullets tend to make me flinch more.)

Any one have any ideas/comments/suggestions on OAL and Failure to Feed issues?

Appreciate the feedback! 10mm Rules!
Navy Corpsman, 1971-1975; NRA Patron Life Member; The 10mm "...more energy at 100 yards than a .45 ACP at the muzzle." - Massad Ayoob quoting Col. Jeff Cooper
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