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Originally Posted by TheGreatGonzo View Post
I would simply provide this caution: I became an SFI because (1) I love to shoot and (2) I believe I have the capacity to teach.
The combination of these two is key. You can be an expert shot, but if you don't have the drive, determination, motivation, and ability to share skills with your students, you're not going to be a good instructor. The tough part is being able to keep that level of enthusiasm even when you're teaching the folks that just don't want to be there.

I teach firearms because:

1) When I started we had no instructors and virtually no training. Qualify once a year and go home.

2) As Gonzo stated, I love to shoot and I believe I have the capacity to teach.

3) I want my students to always have the skills they need, when they need them. I want to be that voice in their head saying "front sight, press. front sight, press" when the **** hits the fan.
"Logic is rarely the engine that propels a police department forward."

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