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We have a state course that is technically required, but the only thing attending the state's course actually gets you is the ability to certify reserves, as their initial training and qualification must all be sent in. Everybody goes to the state's course, but it's curious how little enforcement they actually do. I have heard of departments using NRA instructors mixed in with state certified instructors in the past.

The state course is 80 hours and covers pistol and (allegedly) shotgun, but I bet we fired 50 rounds of shotgun. There is a separate 40 hour patrol rifle instructor class. The basic instructor class includes a reasonable amount of instructor development, but on one level I think is meant to be your "last hurrah" before becoming an instructor and never getting to shoot again. They had us bring 2,000 rounds and shoot about 1,500 under strict instructions that we keep the remainder when we got home and use it to work on our skills, since instructors often get the shaft. It's also worth pointing out that they expected us to know how to shoot on day one. The first morning was a short briefing and three attempts to post a 90%+ on the state's marksmanship qualification course and shotgun qualification course. Neither are that difficult, but we sent five people packing.

That said, teaching people to shoot, and by virtue of that to protect themselves and survive is a whole lot of fun and very, very important.
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