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Originally Posted by _The_Shadow View Post
Damn, Jay your rounds shouldn't be a problem! They fit the gauge they should run.
Is this just with the Dan Wesson or others as well?
What about the magazines themselves? Have the lips sprung outward possibly?
What about magazine fit? I have heard of some fitting too deep into the magwell.
New magazines, Dan Wesson with metal followers and Wilson Combat with plastic followers. Dan Wesson's work better in the Dan Wessons than in Wilson Combat and vise versa. Mag lips are fine. I spent some more time polishing the barrel feed ramp, chamber, and chamber hood. It's gotten better since I shortened the OAL, but still a few FTF's last time out.

Figured my 10mm buddies here on GT could offer some possible insights. Not sure about fitting too deep into the magwell. Good thought! Thanks!
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