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All are flush or slightly below in cartridge gauge and sit in barrel hood like the picture below:

Rounds in the Dan Wesson 1911 10mm seem to get stuck nose-diving in to the hood of the barrel. Feed ramps on the 1911's are significantly steeper than on my Glock barrels. All have done much better with polishing and then shortening the cartridge OAL. Springs are all good/new. I've been experimenting with 20 to 24 pound recoil springs and different loadings. My Glock 20 with a 6" KKM Precision Barrel now works 100% .

I guess I'm just trying to rule-out problems with my handloads. I have generally had more feed problems when I loaded my rounds to maximum OAL (checked to make sure they weren't over max with a case gauge and caliper).

Thought I throw this out to the handloaders on the GT forum since I think we have a lot of experience here. (I've got a bunch of Double Tap and Buffalo Bore, but I really don't want to shoot it all up doing function tests on my guns... kind of my emergency stash.) Plus my handloads are more consistent than most factory overall.

I know you, Colorado and others here have a lot of experience reloading so I'm hoping for a collective, problem-solving solution.
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