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I say again. Just read the books.....Quote or paraphrase from any of them and dispute them. Dispute for me Lincoln's rape of the Constutition. The arrest of thousands without trial or conviction. The unconstutitional formation of the state of West Virginia. The loss of thousands of votes from hostile Western Virginia counties.The smashing of printing presses by Union troops the intimadation of citizens at the ballot places by Union troops....ohh theres that Neo Confederate pap again...Dispute the book "The Unpopular Mr. Lincoln" Larry Tagg, and the dozens of offical records and direct quoted from NORTHERN neswpapers that he shut down or destroyed with Union bully boys.

I'm still waiting.

I still see only selective vindictiveness and and selective indignation about slavery. Union war crimes, even against free and slave blacks? Not to mention against defenseless women, children and the infirm? Pfffft! All Neo Confederate pap. We got in our time machines and wrote the diary entrys and the offical reports. Dang! You found us out!

And the wait goes on.

Deo Vindice!
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