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I can speak for Arkansas. Here, there's no state requirement that the transfer go through an FFL. At the minimum, you can sell it to an Arkansas resident with no paperwork whatsoever. You meet, buyer hands over the money, you hand over the gun. Done.

As you're concerned about what happens to the gun after it leaves your hands, you can: (a) make out a bill of sale, have both parties sign it, and keep it on file; (b) make the transfer through an FFL; or (c) use the LCP as trade-in on the LC9. Most of the gun shops in central AR buy used guns, or take them on trade-in. When they sell the gun to someone else, I think they still have to do a 4473 (as an FFL). Any of those would help cover you.

You still have to comply with federal law, so you can't sell it to someone whom you have reason to believe is a prohibited person. Ask if the buyer has a CHCL. If so, ask to see it. If they've got it, you have confirmation that they've passed a background check done by the Arkansas State Police.

By the way, dodgecope89, if you're near central Arkansas, I may know someone who's in the market for an LCP. PM me if you want to discuss it.

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