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No I have not been banned from the H&K forum.
Nor have I taken potshots at the H&K pistol.
H&K make the finest handguns on the planet.
Sig follows second.

As far as the S.E.A.Ls, you are wrong, just announced
To the public in Tactical Life, is the whole
story about them adopting the H&K 45C with
threaded barrel.

The you tube video was the 1,000 round torture
Test, which showed the guide rod melt & fly out
the front of the gun. And it shows how the
Trigger gets mushy and gritty after firing
more than 200 rounds rapidly.

The public document I listed sows the recent
tests from Homeland security, that sowed
the failures of all pistols tested. Flock, was one
of those pistols with failures.

But as I said, I can list all sorts of sources
to the shortcomings of Glock and other pistols.
But the fanatics will only believe what they
want to believe, despite the facts.
Glock is simple design, built on the cheap, and
marketed very well. Metal, machined parts are
more durable than plastic or polymer.
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