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Carrying a .44 mag is a good option. The only problem I have with it is that I am LE, and my agency only authorizes us to carry certain pistols and revolvers off duty. The Colt and Glock are both authorized.
WOW. I did not realize an agency can control what you carry when you are on YOUR time. I can understand when on their dime and time, but when you are in the woods hunting you should be allowed to carry anything you want.

I do not own either of the specific guns you are asking about but do have 1911's and Glocks. Lets say after my trip in the Mississippi river a week ago where the canoe tipped and I ended up in the water I was glad I had my glock instead of my Kimber. I was not worried about the finish or functioning of the gun. I know if needed to Glock would fire and operate properly. I cannot say the same for the Kimber. It is picky enough when dry and oiled. With the silt and particles in the river who knows.

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