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Originally Posted by Gunboat1 View Post
Lots of discussion earlier in this thread explaining the scenario we are considering. You might want to read the whole thread.

Short version: five medium-power shots in a short-barreled weapon with marginal sights, relatively high recoil, a heavy trigger pull and an excruciatingly slow reload time just might not be the best choice for self-defense, when better weapons exist. It isn't so hard to improve your armament if you will accept this.
A few comments:

Reading the whole thread is a good and helpful suggestion.

But maybe stmcelroy has read the whole thread......

The "Short version" noted above by Gunboat1 is a cogent and persuasive argument for carrying something with more ammo capacity and better shootability than a snubbie; but it is merely the short version of the position that Gunboat1 and others hold. Reading the whole thread will elicit the short version for the opposing view.

As an old fat man relatively new to firearms I envy folks who can easily CC a G19/23 or G26/27. I would if I could -- instead of a snubbie -- but I can't. So a snubbie or a small Kahr in the pocket will have to do.

I'll admit that the snubbie is not for the unpracticed novice. But neither is the manual-safety-less Glock uncomfortably stuck by a noobie of less-than-admirable physique in an awkward IWB holster. It all gets down to solutions tailored to individual cases.

The value of this thread derives from the variety of viewpoints representing a multitude of individual factors (experience, ability, physical capability) pertinent to individual persons. I have learned much....
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