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Originally Posted by Gunboat1 View Post
Source citation, please. Everyone quotes that bit of "official" wisdom, but no one can ever produce the source document. It is also based upon old data, as it was quoted to me at least 25 years ago in training.

"Flash mobs". "Wilding". Gang activity. If we know nothing else, it should be that group criminal activity happens quite frequently, despite a declining national crime rate overall.

We can either take appropriate notice and arm ourselves accordingly, or we can take blissful comfort in "statistical average" lore, because we just loooove our snubby. Take your pick. I'll still carry more rounds than a snub can accommodate, whenever possible.
Don't know where that "statistic" came from, but can one ever truly be armed good enough for any encounter? Not sure about you but even a Glock 17 with 17+1 and an extra 17rd mag ONLY gets you to 35 rounds, what if you are really facing a mob?

The majority of us are looking to protect ourselves from the one or two thugs that we may encounter, not be armed to take on a huge group of people.
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