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My hands are somewhat large, but they are equipped with skinny, medium and short fingers and thumbs. The SP101, with factory grip, is a good fit for me. Moreover, I can really clamp down hard on the SP101 grip, which is reassuring when things are at contact distance, when a bad guy might get his hands on my weapon. The SP101 is, therefore, a quite good defensive weapon for me, and I do not feel under-gunned.

I do like to carry two, or even three, but this is true even if one weapon is a double-stack auto, or other larger weapon.

I can shoot a 4"+ larger-framed sixgun notably better, if the targets are farther away, and my eyeglasses are in place, and not fogged or smudged, and the planets are lined up just right. Most self-defense incidents happens close-up.

I do actually prefer the 3.06" barrel length, because it balances such that I can better feel where the muzzle is pointing. Even if my goal is to use the sights whenever possible, I am ahead of the game if the gun is fairly well on-target before I acquire the sight picture, and sometimes, acquiring the sights is not possible. I prefer the longer sight radius, and greater amount of daylight on either side of the front sight, within the rear notch. Even
so, the 2.25" version is not a bad little five gun, and my three short-snubs have not been kicked out of the nest.

My avatar, at left, is a 3" GP100, and yes, those are factory adjustable sights. This is a rare variant. In actual practice, when I carry a larger-framed sixgun than an SP101, it usually has a 4" barrel. Day to day, though, around town, my SP101 five-guns are comforting enough that I do not feel under-gunned. If I anticipate trouble, I will pack
heavier, of course.
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