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I first heard about Remora Holsters on a firearms podcast I listen to regularly, and thought the idea of a clip-less holster very intriguing. Several weeks ago I purchased one after having listened to and reading several more positive reviews. I purchased a model 6ART for my Glock 27. I received it on a Saturday, within a week of ordering it. After working with it for the day in different strong side positions and cants, I realized that I couldn't draw the pistol without the holster coming out with it. It seemed that the holster was covering too much of the grip frame. As I gripped the gun, my index finger inevitably pinched just a bit of the holster material between the frame and my index finger. This caused enough friction on the grippy material to bring the holster with the gun. I found that particularly odd seeing as I had order an "ART" model which was supposed to be cut to better allow access to the pistol's grip.

That very evening I used the "Contact Us" feature on the Remora Holsters website to inform them of the issue I was having, and what I thought the cause was. I inquired as to how I could verify I received the right product, and if they would be willing to exchange my holster for a smaller model that exposed more of my pistol's grip frame.

Within less than two hours, I had an email reply from the Owner of the company, Alan Bogdan:

"Thank you for purchasing a REMORA holster....You can look inside the top of the holster it should be written there what series and style you have.....If it is the 6 ART that would be the lowest profile holster we make as a stock holster...this is really the first problem with un-holstering of this style and series we have received any feedback on ....How ever un-holstering is of the most importance.... I will do a custom holster lowering the profile by the grip giving you a little more access to the grip.....I will ship the holster out next week at no charge....Keep the existing holster maybe you have a friend with a different gun that the holster may accommodate... Thank you again for choosing REMORA

Keep Safe !!"

When I read this message, I was astounded at the level of customer service he was willing to provide. Not only did he take the time to address my issue right away (and on a Sunday), but he offered me a brand new custom holster to boot at no charge.

After that, Alan and I exchanged a couple of emails with pictures and a video demonstrating the specifics of my issue with the holster. Within just a few days, I had a brand new custom holster specifically tailored to fit my gun, a Remora Holsters gun mat, and a hand written note. He even upgraded my new holster to a reinforced top model.

Having used the holster for a few weeks now, I couldn't be more pleased. It's comfortable, retains my gun well without slowing down my draw, and it disappears in any waistband. I can even substantiate the claims that it will hold in place in sweats with just a cinched up drawstring.

I would have no reservations in recommending a Remora holster to anyone looking for a top-notch concealment holster, with top-notch customer service behind it. Their products are innovative, quality built, and company ownership goes above and beyond to satisfy their clients.
Same experience except I ordered the wrong model but even the correct one made my j-Frame ride a little too high in my pocket. Alan custom made one with an open bottom that fit perfectly and made the gun ride about a half inch lower in my pocket. Also had a problem with the LCP holster as it kept coming out of the pocket because it covered too much of the gun. He sent another model and it works much better although I do not have a full combat grip on the LCP like I do with the Nemises pocket holster so i will use it for IWB or those times when I want to both pocket and IWB carry like while driving to a shopping mall.
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