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Originally Posted by Shadyscott69 View Post
No intention to insult you. Sorry if it seemed so.

I am not going to say they are lying, but I would like to see the width of the hides they are using to turn the leather perpendicular to their "strapping' cuts. That would call for a cow the size of a hippo. Additionally, leather doesn't have a "grain" in the sense that wood does. It wouldn't really do anything to turn the pieces.
While the "grain" (so to speak) exists at very small levels, I've never had the opportunity to test its resistance to stretching or deforming along any direction. I'll take your word for it since you're the leather expert.

I despise being wrong. That's why I don't actually take stances on things I do not know every detail of, and normally state things behind phrases like "it is my understanding" or "according to", etc... if I say anything at all. On the chance I do say something that's incorrect, I'm glad to be corrected.
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