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But it has FAILED under extreme circumstances for testing by S.O.C.O.M., S.E.A.L.S.,

False. Glock had never failed military testing. The youtube video does not follow military testing guidelines. The video shows an idiot firing 1,000 rds non-stop w/ people handing him loaded mags. In military testing you shoot 200 rds., break the gun down clean it, lube it and continue on.

For example S.E.A.L. Team #6 has just adopted the HK 45C as their sidearm.

False again. They carry Sig P226R's. Good try though.

And you can shoot lead bullets out of theirs while you cannot with Glock.

Because the barrels are rifled differently...

And rapid fire sessions with a Glock of 500 rounds or more within a short time period have melted the firing pin channel liner which had to be replaced.

Yet another false statement. Glock responded to this video by adding a chemical to all non-metal parts so that this video can never be duplicated. all new guide rods are stamped with an "I"

Maybe if you make your post longer next time there will actually be some truth to what you are saying. But until then....
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