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Originally Posted by 21Carrier View Post
I was looking at two local EXOs, but that just killed it for me. I was wondering about the finish durability. Glock's tenifer finish just can't be beat, especially in the Deep South's humidity. I have a G21SF on which I sanded and polished off the black parkerizing finish (but I didn't go too deep, it still has the texture and looks almost like black chrome but a bit lighter). Apparently it's true that the tenifer is down in the metal, because I carried that gun like that for nearly 6 months with ZERO rust. Even without the black parkerization and sitting daily in a sweat soaked Don Hume holster, it looks perfect.

Sorry about your pistol, man. I'd give them one chance to fix it, then I'd trade it for a stock Glock. Nothing beats tenifer. I hope they get it sorted out for you. Those pistols really do look good.

The only reason why I actually bought the EXO model was b/c the sales rep at the gun store said that the EXO model was double coated and more durable than the standard model. I was under the impression that EXO finish was nickel boron coated over Glock's standard tenifer finish thus making it more durable. I guess I was wrong... can anyone else verify the validity of this belief?
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