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G19 EXO + Crossbreed = Rust???

To make things clear right off of the bat:

1.) I absolutely love my g19 EXO and bought it brand new on 18 JUN 11
2.) I have put approx 600 rounds through it and thoroughly clean it obsessively after each use
3.) It is my primary off-duty carry weapon that goes with me everywhere I go in my super awesome, super comfortable Crossbreed Super Tuck
4.) When I pulled it out yesterday, this is what I found

It looks like rust but I have no idea how it could be possible. I'm at a loss for words and I'm not sure what I should do as far as trying to clean it w/o possibly making it worse. (I am a Hoppe's #9 guy).

Anyone experience anything like this specifically on the slide of their EXO version pistol? Comments, suggestion???


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Carry Issues

Carry Issues
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