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And I think Mr. D has a lot of the Lincoln cult quaking in their boots.
And I think that like most ardent neo confederate kool aid drinkers you are delusional. Mr. D is not even a historian he is a economist.

His central thesis is the claim that slavery was not the main issue of secession. The statements of the southern leaders before and during the war, their articles of secession, the speeches and letters of their secession commissioners, and the topic (slavery) of the presidential debates between Douglas and Lincoln prove that he is wrong.

Here is a debate Between Dilorenzo and Harry Jaffa one of the premier Lincoln scholars.

The book "War crimes against Southern Civilians" is largely a compliation of eyewitness accounts of the victims and offical records of the pillagers and war criminals. I'm sure thats all neo Confederate pap too?
No sounds more like modern Liberal pap that wants to insist that war be conducted like a police action instead of war.

How the Southern dead were disenterned and robbed of their jewelry? Black slaves and white housewives raped into insanity? Old, sick, children, infants, and infirm turned out into the winter while their homes burned behind them? What are you afraid of? Truth? Others are, shall we say, more curious?
OMG, bad things happened during a war, who would have thought???

And the Yankees were not the only ones rampaging, Confederate deserters where causing a huge problem and doing a great deal of damge to southern citizens themselves. And we have no less an authority on this than Robert E. Lee himself.

In a Letter to Davis on Sept 13, 1862 Lee stated that 1/2 to 1/2 of his army never entered Maryland at all.

He also stated that a great deal of damage was being caused by the deserters, stating, "A great deal of damage done to citizens by the deserters taking all the food from the charitable and taking by force from the defenseless, wantonly destroying stock and property."

Another letter from Lee to Davis, July 27, 1863 After Gettysburg. " "there are many thousands of men improperly absent from this army."
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