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Originally Posted by Gray_Rider View Post
Slavery still worked when nothing else did in 1700's America,...
You keep saying that. Anyone thinking critically has to ask, "Worked at what, exactly?"

Slavery "worked" to concentrate wealth among a new American aristocracy. It "worked" to tie future hopes to the land, turning away from modernization and industy. In order for it to "work" it had to provide disproportionate political power to those landed few, shutting down proper representation for the people in the nation as a whole. So yeah, if you aspire to the gentry caste, I can see it "working" and can see why you'd advocate for it. Except....

Except that those things weren't the purpose of our nation's founding. The nation was founded to secure our rights, using just power granted by the governed. "Our rights" mean the rights of all men, not merely the new aristocrats nor even all white men. Those were the rights granted us by our Creator, and the field n****r did not stem from a different God, and was not out there with the mark of Ham.

So, no sir. Slavery did not "work", not when you measure it against what this country was intended for.
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