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All I see here is white guilt and selective indignation. This wouldn't be happening today in the South (and probably the North) had we won. And. I think you know it. Funny how slavery ended everywhere else, but would have continued in the South. I don't see you condeming the North Koreans or Chinas use of REAL SLAVERY either come to think of it.
More of your red herrings, when you can't answer or refute you start whining about slavery elsewhere. But this thread is not about slavery in General it is about the AMERICAN civil war, and what brought it about.

If the South "lost" and the slaves "freed" whats all the fuss over her flag about? Who should care where it flies or why if the Confederacy is a moot point and a 'defeated nation'?
The dispute is over what the confederate flag actually stands for, to some that have swallowed the neo confederate kool aid it stands for "states rights" and "freedom and liberty". To those that have not swallowed the "lost cause myth" it stands for treason and insurrection, and a society that believed it had the right to own other human beings denying them the "Liberty and freedom" that they afterwards claimed they were fighting for. And that they started the war not only to preserve slavery in their own states but to expand it.

I think the truth about the war is gaining a foothold and you know it. If not what are you Confederate haters afraid of? Limited government? Lower taxes? Thats also what we fought for....and what your victory cost this nation, and ours.
I challenge you to provide your evidence that the confederacy fought for limited Govt. and lower taxes. In ANY statement by Southern leaders concerning their secession BEFORE the war. Their leaders statements, articles of secession and the speeches of the secession commissioner's speak loud and clear as to why the south seceded. And in them there is not ONE WORD about lower taxes or more limited Govt.

THe South was not the least bit interested in Limited Govt. When they controlled the Govt. they were the best friend of centralized federal power.

In the revision of the "fugitive slave act" of 1850 they demanded and got the greatest expansion of Federal power in the History of the union that was unmatched until Roosevelt's "New deal". they demanded and got the Federal police power to be employed nationwide to protect their "property rights in slaves.

IN the Confederate constitution they denied member states to decide the issue of slavery for themselves, they also denied states the right of trading between themselves without the central govts. approval.

When in the union they declared the central govt had no right to interfere in the issue of slavery within the states. When they formed the confederacy they declared no state had the right to interfere with the central govts protection of slavery.
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