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Slavery still worked when nothing else did in 1700's America, and we are STILL kissing the rumps and licking the sandals of the greatest slave dealers-buyers-makers in the last 1500 years. You hate slave holders dead and gone that lost their slaves forever 150 years ago but the most powerfull nation on earth licks the boots of modern day slavers and murderers while our government forces us to sit on billions of barrels of our own oil.

All I see here is white guilt and selective indignation. This wouldn't be happening today in the South (and probably the North) had we won. And. I think you know it. Funny how slavery ended everywhere else, but would have continued in the South. I don't see you condeming the North Koreans or Chinas use of REAL SLAVERY either come to think of it.

If the South "lost" and the slaves "freed" whats all the fuss over her flag about? Who should care where it flies or why if the Confederacy is a moot point and a 'defeated nation'? I think the truth about the war is gaining a foothold and you know it. If not what are you Confederate haters afraid of? Limited government? Lower taxes? Thats also what we fought for....and what your victory cost this nation, and ours.

Deo Vindice!
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