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Originally Posted by Sam Spade View Post
The means to alter our Perpetual Union were given: the amendment process. The means to abolish the Perpetual Union were also given: the Constitutional Convention. The South refused peaceful, legal means and appealed to force of arms. They made war on their nation, and that's the definition of treason.

After the rebellion failed, the guys on the ground chose mercy as the more healing approach, but that decision wasn't unanimous. They got forgiveness, not vindication.
Maybe they knew they couldn't prove treason in a court of law as Jefferson Davis himself suggested? He wanted his chance in court to prove his case after the war. Maybe?

Refused peacefull, legal means!!?? Lincoln refused every peace entreaty the Confederacy made and would not meet with them once! He then sent troops to reenforce Fort Sumter on the sly and called for 75,000 troops, threatening all out war if we didn't comply. We fired on the Fort to force its surrender, (after we offered them a chance to surrender) and we were invaded in early June in Western Virginia by Federal troops at the battle of Philippi.

Study up on the rape of the Constutition by Lincoln and his minions. How he locked up the innocent w/o trial. Started a war w/o Congress' approval. He sent Union troops to the polling sites to to humble and frighten off Democrat voters. Carved a new state out of the property of Virginia against the Constitutition.

We were the traitors?

*Read the books I have suggested. I have yet to see the facts therein refuted by anyone here. If its all Neo Confederate crap, refute the facts these books point out.

I'm still waiting.

Deo Vindice!
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