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Originally Posted by Dragoon44 View Post
Neo confederates can't seem to get their stories straight. Grey rider claims the emancipation proclamation caused riots in the North and had union states threatening to secede.
We can't get our stories straight? I claim the emancipation proclamation caused riots? You choose to ignore facts Dragoon.

Read up on the 1863 draft riots. For four days, July 13th to July 16th New York riots destroyed millions of dollars of property and hundreds were killed by the rioters and federal troops, late of the battle of Gettysburg, who fired point blank on the rioters. It was only the largest anti government insurgency in United States history, and took a massive use of deadly force against Northern people to put down.

"Dictator is what the Oppositon press and orators of all sizes are calling him...There is no telling how many editors and penmen have..assured him that this is a war for the Union only, and they never gave him any authority to to run it as an Abolition war....They never, never told him that he might set the negros free....that his venomous blow at the at the sacred liberty of white men to own black men is mere (empty threat) and a dead letter that will not work... the hosts of the Union will disband rather than be sacrificed upon the bloody altar of fanatical Abolitionsim."

William O. Stoddard Secretary in charge of Lincoln's mail.

Yes, the war was all about ending slavery. And this was from Northern newspapers and citizens. Lincoln had hundreds arrested and held w/o trial. Dozens of Northern news papers were denied the use of the mails or were destroyed by Federal troops because they spoke out about his rape of the Constutition and dictatorial misuse of power. Just more neo Confederate crap that we conjured up 150 years after the fact I suppose?

Deo Vindice!

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