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Originally Posted by Natty View Post
So the people coming to the officers defense here are saying that he could not tell the difference between his own handgun and his own taser.

Stupid is not illegal. Stupid is not criminal. But you cant fix stupid. And stupid has no place in Law Enforcement.
Yes. The two-year rookie with a taser for two days, policing a subway where his exposure to calls was minimal, vaporlocked. He went with muscle memory and repeated the draw he was most familiar with, thinking he was doing the right thing to employ another tool, carried in an unfamiliar place on his belt.

His act was criminal, it was a negligent action that caused the death of another. That's the textbook definition of manslaughter. His agency also carries a heavy burden for equipping him and training him as they did. Whether he's actually stupid or simply the forseeable result of the training provided, I don't know.

BTW, this has happened at least two other times---confusing the taser draw with the gundraw--- but neither of those guys died.
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