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Originally Posted by G26S239 View Post

Slave importation was outlawed into the USA in 1808, decades before the CSA was formed.

The "They did it too" excuse. As noted above no slaves were brought into the USA from abroad after 1808.
Sorry but this is simply not true. The US may have passed a law to feel better but they did not use their own ships to enforce this law for the next 50 years.

Read about the Slave ship 'Wanderer' from New York. It flew the New York yacht club flag and the US flag. They certainly went to Africa and picked up slaves and delivered them to the US in 1858.

Originally Posted by G26S239 View Post
As noted above the 13th Amendment passed the House and Senate before the war was over and was declared within 8 months of Lee's surrender as a direct result of the Civil War.
Probably because it was more pragmatic to tackle the CSA aggression at Fort Sumter head on instead of quibbling over the 13th Amendment in April 1861.
It must be historically noted that the Northern Yankee state of New Jersey rejected the 13th Amendment on March 16, 1865. They still had slaves and did not want to give them up.

Union states of Delaware and Kentucky also rejected the 13th Amendment and would not ratify it until many years later.

As for Fort Sumter... There was nothing ever proven illegal about SC seceding and taking the Fort.

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