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If you are just starting from scratch the start up cost can be more than bulk bullet purchases when you figure in the time and effort. But when you consider you can produce match quality custom handloads for tthe 10mm the savings add up to about 1/2 to 3/4 of what the commercial stuff cost. The more you load over time the more return on the investment.

The cost is all based on which componnets you choose especially bullets...Real copper jacketed bullet are costly but great performers.

That being said I cast my own bullets from wheel weight materials that I essencially got for near nothing so only my time, electricty an mould cost figure into the actual bullet cost. Therefore cost are minimal and they shoot very well with proper loading.

Plated bullets are cheaper alternative to jacketed bullets but care needs to be taken not to over drive them or over crimp them. The plating can be damaged and their performance will suffer.

The thing about handloading is a labor of love in that you control every aspect of the processes producing quality ammo to your specifications.

Enjoy and be safe!
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