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Question of 9mm Timberwolf frame

Is the distance from the trigger to the back of the grip at the ver top of the Timberwolf 9mm frame a shorter distance than a Glock G17 or G34 frame?

I'm talking about the top - basically trigger reach, from the web of your hand to the trigger.

It seems that the adjustable grip feature of the Timberwolf frame does't start until lower on the grip - below where my right thumb would be.

I am realizing that my problem with the Glock grip is that it doesn't fit well in the web of my hand, and the first joint of my right hand tend to slide around and behind the bore line. So, that first joint is getting pounded, having a lot of kinetic energy delivered into it with each shot and my thimb hurts after each session. I think it also may be getting torqued a little bit just because the Glock grip is a little too think for my hand.

I am wondering if the Timberwolf frame is any different dimensionally that high on the pistol - basically just below the rear frame, or straight back from the trigger.
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