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I am sure you and the other posters at this site are fine men. I do not doubt your commitment to professionalism and integrity. In the late 70's and early 80's I had a lot of fun working with friends who were in LE in New Orleans. There were fine men. In this case, I do not at all agree with anyone who wants to give this man a pass for blowing another man's brains out because he made a mistake. I count him a murderer without excuse. Had I been on his jury, he would have had to really "walk on water" to have made me see it any differently. Accident? The same thing from anyone else, a homeowner holding a criminal at gunpoint on the floor for instance, would have been judged far differently. There is no reason to cut this man any slack. Closing ranks? I understand the impluse. I also know that it is a mistake. I know ministers who have been accused of crimes. Some have been guilty. Others have been simply accused. Evidence collected by police proved them completely innocent of the charge. However, I do understand the impulse. It is hard to accept failure on the part of a colleague. Further, it damages the profession. Those with a high level of trust and responsibility must accept that they are held to a higher standard than simply that of a reasonable man. Failure to hold those who fail to the highest standards only makes things harder for those who hold to those standards.
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